Hey Mistakes
This is a second week of this challenge and i started to feel really relieved. Not just because people started to read my articles (I am so thankful for that) and like them but also i had my last exam for this semester (i am in university) so i have a break for a while and i can spend some time with my family, friends and with my significant other.

This day i should share something i struggle with. Well there are probably more than one thing to struggle with. But the biggest thing i struggle with is myself. Yeah, its me. Isnt it weird? In one way i love myself, i care about myself physically and mentally but on the other hand i always feel like i am not attractive enough, fit enough, skinny enough, smart enough in general not good enough. Even if someone told me that i am more than just enough, i am still putting too much pressure on me because i hate disappointing myself or someone i care about. I am just scared of failuer in some sick way.
Okay this ended pretty deep, maybe if here will be 100 <3 i will write second part of "Struggle". Even if i am not sure, if you are intrested in reading about my struggles. Hope you have none of them or at least less than me.

XOXO Mistakes