hello lovelies! I am deciding to write this article to FINALLY introduce myself to my followers after having this account for about 3+ years so you all can get to know me better

I actually never realized I have over 600 followers! that's a lot; thank you guys for following me and my collections..

here's just 20 facts about me

- I am turning 16 soon
- I am an aquarius
- I am a huge Potterhead (in Slytherin!!)
- I am the oldest sibling
- I am very unsporty
- my favorite subject at school is Geography
- I love animals and had a dog
- I am very tall lol
- I speak 2 languages fluently and leaning 3 more
- I really like dark chocolate
- my favorite food is Japanese
- I am a coffee person but I love tea too
- I have been to 15 countries
- I live over 7000 miles away from my hometown
- I love reading!
- my favorite color changes often haha (rn it's lilac)
- I am allergic to most citrus fruits
- one of my favorite hobbies is ice skating
- I love long walks at the park
- my music taste is VERY varied, I can go listening to Acceptance today and Lana Del Rey tomorrow and then Lil Peep the day after you'll never know haha

you guys can follow me on:



you can always message me about what content you'd like to see on here!!
I want to make more articles on music, travel, cuisine, and lifestyle!

have a nice day everyone xx