Hi guys! So, I'm Brazilian and in this article today I'm going to do a small list about my favorite things in my country!

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1) Heartwarming people!

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Here in Brazil, people are generally really welcoming and happy! Everyone is always really ready to help foreign people, even though the amount of people who can fluently speak english or other languages isn't that big!

2) The natural beauty!

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There are just so many wonderful places here! Not only beaches, but great architecture and incredible landscapes and hiking places!
I just love Christ Redeemer so much... Rio is such a wonderful city! Our capital, Brasilia is such a beautiful city with all it's famous architecture, and it's beautiful lake!

3) Cultural diversity

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Our country was born from a mix of a lot of different cultures from all around the world! So that's why we are proud to be such a diverse country!

4) Passionate about things (football for example)

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I don't even have to say how, basically, our whole country stops when it get to the World Cup time! We are around to have such a great football team!

Our country becomes one, and all the differences go away when people decide to fight and dream together about things like football, and better politics!

5) Beautiful cultural parties!

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We are home of so many wonderful cultural parties, just like "bumba meu boi" and "carnival" which are really famous!

6) food

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I'm proud to say that we are home to such an amazing and vast options of food! Our famous barbecues and deserts, like "pudim"and "brigadeiros"are sooooo amazing! And the every-day foods are really full of flavors and organic seasonings, which makes the whole difference!

Hope you guys liked to know a little bit more about my culture! If you have any questions about Brazil, or have any suggestions for new articles, please feel free to Dm me!