I mean ... he is such a good guy. He cares about me and hugs me. He tells me he loves me every second of the day. He never hurts me and everybody says that he is way better than you. But when he tells me the he loves me and only me, i remember you saying those words to me. i remember our chats and god you don't understand how much i loved you. When he tells me he won't ever stop loving me i remember you saying those enchanted words to me like your casting me into your own little spell.And god was i really so stupid to think that you would never leave me? Because one day i woke up to no texts from you. And i knew i lost you. GOD i just hate that you made me fear love. And its not fair. its not fair to him because he really loves me. but i just can't help but think how would my lips look against yours just one more time