Recently, I haven't been the happiest person in the world. I pride myself on being inspirational and upbeat, but sometimes I'm knocked off my feet and I struggle to keep positive. This is a completely normal thing, and everyone goes through a time in their life like I have. The trick is knowing how to pick yourself back up again, and this is what I shall be discussing in this article.

1) Flowers
I think that flowers are an under appreciated, beautiful thing. Just by placing a couple vases of flowers around your house in direct line of view, such as by your bed to see as soon as you wake up, or in your kitchen on your dining room table. Where ever they are in your house, they bring life and colour and nature into your home, and I believe that this is one small thing which makes a big difference.

2) Exercise
I know this one isn't the most popular, but I cannot stress ENOUGH the advantages of exercising regularly. First of all, it releases endorphins which make your mood lift and make you more positive. It also helps you to feel good about yourself, which increases your confidence, which will make you happier in the long run. I struggle with body positivity, and by exercising and getting it into my daily routine, I've seen both physical and mental results.

3) Self Care
Now this is a very broad topic which means something different to everyone. This can mean exercising, or eating healthier food, making sure you get enough sleep or drink enough water. Its just making sure that you are fulfilling your needs, and making sure that you yourself are content. For me personally, I love to have showers and baths, using moisturisers and body scrubs and bath bombs. This relaxes me, and helps me to focus on small tasks which helps me feel more confident and pampered. Thus making me happier in the long run.

4) People
My final tip is possibly the most important. When feeling down, the worst thing that I can do is isolate myself. When I'm around people, I forget about my worries and they bring my mood up and make me lighter.

But ultimately, it is vital to remember that the only one anchorage of your mood, is YOU. Your the one who can make your day productive, fun and filled with happiness. I have faith in you, you can achieve your goals and strive!

Have the best day you can lovelies