I just thought it might be fun to try this "if I were a..." kind of thing

If I were a flower
If I were a text type
If I were a berry
If I were a sign

flowers, daisy, and grunge image funny, quote, and times new roman image blue, strawberry, and aesthetic image car, aesthetic, and grunge image
daisy/times new roman/strawberry/I don't even know

If I were a cake
If I were a place
If I were a feeling
If I were a travel method

background, cake, and kawaii image book, vintage, and red image quotes, grunge, and sad image Image by Andreea Stoichițescu
.../library/anxiety/bicycle, preferably a yellow

If I were a store
If I were a moment
If I were an activity
If I were an animal

aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image aesthetic, grunge, and beer image snow, winter, and heavy snow image Image by serendipityslut
food store/party under water/shoveling snow/tiger

If I were a book
If I were a weather
If I were a poem
If I were an object

book, love, and kiss image road, forest, and tree image Image by GhostBella13 girl, friends, and indie image
jellicoe road - melina marchetta/after rain/e.h/window

If I were a song
If I were a scent
If I were a clothing
If I were a candle

chocolate, cigarrets, and tumblr image aesthetic, purple, and grunge image girl, pale, and red image candle, snow, and vanilla image
chocolate - 1975/chlorine/sweatshirt/vanilla

If I were a body part
If I were a fictional character
If I were a drink
I I were a color

Image by ksu.le peter pan, quotes, and wendy image vintage, milkshake, and drink image purple, aesthetic, and sky image
neck/wendy darling/milkshake/lilac

If I were a disney princess
If I were a date
If I were a mythical creature
If I were a word

ariel, disney, and gif image beautiful, nature, and people image dragon, eragon, and saphira image cat, animal, and cool image
ariel/aqua park/dragon /indifferent