Councils for owners of the broken heart:

1. your pain will be felt so as if it will never end, regardless of that how many times will tell you that everything will be as it should be; you won't be able to believe of you will begin to seem as if it is doomsday and that isn't present uniform chance somehow to correct everything.
but try to resist to this pain.
feel her all the body, not very well, how strongly she will wound you.
sob out her, absorb, release; in any not case don't make attempts to hide her and, especially, don't block these feelings.

2. you won't be able to overcome it quickly: restoration can borrow week and even month. I know, what do you want to continue to move further, and it will be wrong if you remain at the same stage of the life. but, please, please, please, don't blame yourself for impossibility to get rid instantly of this thorax pain.
because it is normal — to feel something. it is normal that you still love him; I swear that everything is all right.
to hold it isn't something silly and abnormal.
just you are a person who went crazy from love.
just you are a person, and feelings don't die; also the love doesn't die.

3. finally, you will surely continue the course of life, but now, everything that it is necessary for you - it is patience and time which will cure your heart. treat him with care; love yourself.
over time you will catch yourself on a thought that you think of him less and less. it will mean that your heart is really restored.

4. don't allow the broken heart to limit somehow you in just to live and enjoy the moment.
take a walk with the friends, don't spend time in vain.
sometimes we need only one day to allow negative memoirs to sink into oblivion, in particular our pain.
who knows, perhaps, you will find someone who will become your new meaning of life.

5. I know that you extremely strongly want to talk to him again,
but don't do it.
don't walk twice into a same water.
you are strong in spirit, beautiful, and you don't need him any more.
if he has allowed to leave to such wonderful person as you, then he doesn't deserve to win first place in your life.
without doubts, you will still love him sincerely and almost blindly, but, think: can, all this to the best?
you will surely find that with whom you will be happy in the future, and I am happy much more, than were once with him.
because thanks to this pain and the heart broken into a set of splinters you could find true love, and these sufferings cost your happiness.

6. don't push away from yourself people.
I understand that you need to be alone some time, but sometimes someone's presence is enough at least to dull a little this pain.
have with the best friend a heart-to-heart talk and look with him at some romantic comedy.
many people live for the sake of you, don't forget it. don't forget that you aren't lonely, and you won't be.
7. you will endure it, and you will become stronger, than were once.
you will be released, and you will be able to return to former life again.
you will fall in love and, perhaps, you will allow heart to break again.
but once you have already passed through it therefore whether there is though something in this world what you won't be able to overcome?

With love, Evelina.