I gave you everything and it still wasn't enough.
It was never enough
You made me feel like I was nothing.
Made me believe that I was difficult to love.
And like a fool I kept trying.
I kept trying till it became too much.
I got in so deep that I lost who I was.
I knew it was toxic, I knew it wasn't right.
But no metter how things got bad, I couldn't help but try.
I try to changed everything about me.
I was always there for you. I would kill myself for you.
I wanted you to be happy.
I would treat myself like nothing, yet to you
I gave so much.
I was Constantly balancing between love or lust,
cause if it was love,why it was so messed up?
And then you go and break my heart.
Again and again.
Tell me you're sorry and that this time it will be different.
And like a fool, I'd wait. Wait till you break me and came back with the same love ballad on your lips.
Now even that you're gone, I'm the one who left with all the pain.
What happend? What I did that you hate me so much?
It's not fair. But life isn't fair they say.
So go. Go laugh with your new friends. Judge me.
Because you know, all I was ever doing was loving you.
And it was the bigger mistake in my life. You.