Society is so contradictory, some speak of equality, others of love for God, others about being "normal" and "traditional and others simply ignore. However, many of these people who tend to be compassionate are also racist with others. That is not being compassionate, excuse me. Many talk about religion and place it as a shield to make others feel bad. Do you believe that God and Jesus, being love, created religions that judge and exclude? Really? Am I the only one who sees the contradiction? Love is love. God loves us all equally, and He will not love another because he is what he is, because he sins, like you and me, God is compassionate. God forgives all our sins. If you are pointing out someone to be homosexual or transgender, if you assault and insult him, do you think his sin is worse than yours? Is it really impossible for you to think a little more?

Homosexual, transgender and bisexual people are just that: people. People who feel, people who eat, people who work, people. Sinful human beings like you and me. Why be bad, hurtful, violent, awful when you can be kind, respectful and understanding? What dark force forces you to criticize and make someone who doesn't deserve feel bad? And if he has to deserve it, do you think it's you who should teach him the "lesson"? You, being so similar to him? Why do not we bet on others, why don't we encourage and defend them? Why aren't we great people and we give a hand to those who need them? Can you imagine someone beating you, insulting you, criticizing you just for being you? Just because you like ice cream instead of soda? It's that simpl.e Only that society forces us to misrepresent it.

I guess the question that runs through your mind is whether I'm gay or not, and, no, I'm not. I am a person who believes in the goodness of the human being and who thinks that you, like them, like me, deserve respect for our choices and lifestyle.

And you, my dear friend that today you feel alone, misunderstood, abused, here you have a helping friend willing to listen and advise you. You are strong, you are amazing and you deserve to be happy. I believe in you!!

And for you, who don't feel good about relating to someone different, that's fine. I only ask you to please respect his decision. that you respect his life. Thank you.

May God bless you, may God bless the world and fill it with LOVE, EMPATHY, SOLIDARITY AND RESPECT.

Thank you for reading
Mafe Viggiani, x.