Hello beauties, today is a fantastic day, I feel full of energy and I want to take advantage of it to write the article of today! I hope you will be the same for you too and I wish you have a good read.
Here we go!

11.Describe 10 pet peeves that you have.

Well, I'm usually a person who tries to see the positive side of things but, of course, I also have things that I really can not stand. Let's see which ones!

1. I can not stand when I trust a person dear to me and this does not understand me, perhaps downplaying the situation. I think that if I'm trusting a certain thing, it's because I want to be heard and understood, I do not want it to not give importance to my problem.

2. I can not stand when I talk to people, them interrupting my speech. I think that in order to have a civil communication we must first listen and then respond, never speak from above. In fact, it has already happened many times that for this reason I was very angry.

3. I can not stand when I do things to make a person happy and this does not appreciate my gesture. I think they are ungrateful people who do not deserve anything. Of course I do not want anything in return, but at least a minimum of recognition.

4. I can not stand when people talk to me from behind, especially when they tell untrue facts. In this way they seriously question my reputation and I could appear to people who I am not. I think people should think more about their lives than about others.

5. I can not stand when people annoy the people I love. Personally I am a very possessive person and I do not want that the things and people dear to me be touched. When this happens, I really risk becoming bad!

6. I can not stand when I'm busy doing something and people stop me in my intent. Especially when I read a book or watch a movie. In those moments I would like to be left alone, I think that there is time for the rest.

7. I can not stand when people make jokes to me. I am a very touchy person and I usually get offended easily. Especially when joking about my personality. I do not like people to judge me, especially if they do it for fun.

8. I can not stand when I'm sad and the people who notice me ignore me, not caring about me and my state of mind. In those moments I would like to be helped, without being too intrusive, but at least I would like to be listened to and consoled.

9. I can not stand when people say I'm too silent. If sometimes I do not say anything is because I do not want to talk at that time or maybe just because I'm not interested in a certain topic.

10. I can not stand when people tell me lies. What I always repeat is: "Better a bad truth, than a beautiful lie." I'm usually a person who tells the truth, I do not like to make fun of people by telling lies. And of course I would like people to do the same with me.

!ow, and to think that I started the day full of positive energy ... I found that this question was a bit turbulent, in the sense that for a moment made me think in a negative way. Ahahah, this is really weird!
It does not matter, now everything is ok!
I hope you enjoyed the article anyway, we'll see you tomorrow!