Have you ever wanted something you can't have so badly that you feel like you're gonna die if you don't get it immediately?

You miss them so much it hurts on the inside.

No one can understand your loss but you.

You need their touch to feel some kind of comfort.

Will you see them again?

Who knows?

The unsolved questions of seeing your lost love haunt you everyday.

Will I ever see him again?

With no trace of a reassurance that he is still in love with you, how can you really know if it's fate?

Will he ever stop crossing your mind or will you just always have him there in the back of your mind?

Is it hopeless to believe that you and him are really meant to be?

It's been so many years, you're beginning to lose hope in love itself.

You just want one of his hugs or maybe just hold his hand one last time.

You crave the touch of his skin against yours...

but you're afraid that that day will never come.