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Today I've decided to talk about something really special for me: Italy!
It's the place I live in and I think that everyone should visit it at least once in his/her life, because there's a lot to discover : history and culture, good food, perfect weather, wonderful places from the mountains to the beaches, and so on.
I've made a list, that starts from the North and ends at the South of the nation, of my favourite places, and I've divided it into two parts.

➡️ Here's the part one:

  • ALPS
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Alps separate Italy from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and are really beautiful. Mountains can offer activities to do both in winter and summer: you can do sports on the snow (ski, snowboarding, etc), but you can also have long walks, runs or use the bike when the weather is warmer. In every season, Alps are a suggestive place to discover.
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Milan is probably the most modern city in Italy. Here scyscrapers live in armony with historical monuments. This city is famous for its shopping streets, starting from "Via Montenapolone", for its Dome, and others cultural building, like the "Teatro alla Scala".
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Venice, in the North East of Italy is a city known all over the world for its lagoon and for the fact that you can visit it by boat, or better by the famous gondola.Here you can feel the art and history that permeates the place thanks to the beautiful monuments. A really interesting event is the carnival, where people use to dress up in sumptuous clothes and wear elegant masks.
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We are now heading to the centre of Italy and Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in this area. Maybe you can know it for the crooked tower in Pisa, or for the historical palaces in Florence (which make it one of the most artistic cities in Europe), but you probably don't know there are green hills where great wine is produced and you can also have a trip there!

---- Part two ⬇️ ----

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