I'm getting so damn tired of hearing about kids getting bullied etc. People are so weird, how could you choose to spend time, waste your life, to make someone else sad?

If you really need to get it out, the thing that bothers you, write it down on a paper and read it for yourself twenty times. I bet it ain't that funny anymore the twentieth time.

How hard can it be to show respect and be kind?

It's okay not to like everyone, but at least have a decent reason of why you don't. Not just because he/she looks a certain way, laughs funny or runs weirdly. You can't not like someone just because a little tiny thing bothers you, it doesn't work that way.

Unless the person has hurted you really badly you should show respect. And even if the person has hurted you, you should show respect. Be better than them and talk to them about it. Do it maturely.

Literally just be more mature. How fun can it be to make another human take their own life, like what the-?

Do you really want to grow up and look back at yourself as a bully? I don't think so honey.

Heart this so the message spreads

It ain't that hard to be kind.
It ain't that hard to be quiet.
It ain't that hard to show respect.

It really ain't that hard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Lots of love to everyone who have ever been treated badly. I see you ♡,