sometimes I wish I could be dead,
or at least sleep for years
I wish that I would stop to feel
the hurt, the pain, the pressure

but then I think of the fresh air I inhale,
of the sunsets I watched,
of the dumb jokes my friends make,
of the beauty of the ocean,
I think of the seconds in life where I had to cry because of laughter,
of the awesome taste of food,
of the beautiful sounds of some songs,
of my crazy childhood.
I have to think of how stunning our planet with all its animals and plants is,
I think of how great it feels to go for a run and to live in your body,
of the feeling laying all cozy in bed,
of the nice people I met,
of magical moments I experienced,
of seconds where I felt so free.

sometimes I wish I could be dead,
but then all these small, happy moments come in to my mind which helps me to remind myself of the beauty of life.