Hello, for today article, I want to show you where I want to go in my life!
Countries, cities, islands...

So let's go:

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1- Paris/France
I already went to Paris twice but I want to return to it. It's an incredible city where we don't stop discovering something to every corner of street. She is just magnificent to see. His apartments, his monuments, his museums ...

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2- Alesund/Norway
As for Paris, I already went to Alesund once, it was this summer during a "roadtrip" in Norway. This city is the one which most stayed in me in head. She has me much more, especially her sunset in the evening, it was just magnificent, I keep of it one very good memory.

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3- Antalya/Turkey
My boyfriend speaks to me many of this city and has already shown me several photos what gives me more and more envy to go there and to discover what he saw several times

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4- Istanbul/Turkey
I have never visited Istanbul but what that has the air beautiful to see and to discover!

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5- Santorini/Greece
The white walls as well as house whites, Santorini is simply is simply a magnificent city

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1- Mexico
I want to go to Mexico, whatever the city, I want to see the beach

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2- Thaïland
The thaïland with its greenery, its beaches and his heavenly places

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3- Iceland
Omg, It so has the air fascinating to see, auroras borealis, Blue Lagoon as well as simply beautiful landscapes which this country has to offer us

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4- Canada
No words, I just want to go to Canada because I loooooooove this country

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1- Maldive
The white sand, the turquoise blue water, it is where I were I want to be now

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2- Bali/Indonesia
It's so beautiful! It's for the Thaïland, its greenery, its beaches and his heavenly places

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3- Tenerife
The landscapes are just too beautiful to see

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And here is it is the end of my article I hope that it will have you more. That that will have given you the desires to travel.
I makes you big kisses and for the next one!

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