Hello my loves!

I know for sure that most of us, if not everyone, listens to and loves music. We all have our own personal favourite artists, genres and songs that we always find ourselves going back to.

But I know that sometimes, it can be hard to discover new music. Recently, I've been listening to the same few songs over and over again. I mean...as much as I love dancing around to them, I also like to change things up and be able to discover some new favourites.

So for today's post, I will be suggesting some unique and fun ways that you too can discover new songs. I'm hoping that this post can be of help to those of you who have been in a similar situation as I have been in to find some new songs to add to your playlists.

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Okay...I feel like this is so obvious but I am going to include this tip anyway :) I just love going through the playlists that Spotify creates in the 'Browse' section...going through each song and hoping I will find something good. My personal favourite Spotify created playlists include the 'Top 50' playlists per country, 'Rap Caviar' and 'Viva Latino' just to name a few. 'Discover Weekly' and 'Release Radar' are also pretty good as their song selections are often based on the artists and songs that you have previously listened to.

YouTube can be a great place for one to find some new bops. As YouTube is so big, I recommend looking for videos that have titles along the lines of 'drive with me,' 'get lit with me - my current music playlist,' 'favourite songs' or the word 'playlist' with the name of a month or season preceding it. I also really like YouTube videos titled with something along the lines of 'popular editing audios'. These videos are really good if you are looking for some catchy, yet underrated songs.

Here are some of my favourites...

I am not kidding! I have found so many great songs whilst shopping and walking around in a mall! Stores will often play songs that match their aesthetic, so I highly suggest that you take note of the songs that your favourite stores are blasting through their speakers. In these situations, Shazam (the app) is your best friend!

True story: I can often be found discretely trying to get my phone out and using Shazam to identify what song is currently playing above me when I'm in the mall :)

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There you go! I hope you found this post to be useful when it comes to finding new music to add to your playlist.

I'm also really into writing music posts at the moment and have so many ideas on what to write next...so be sure to keep an eye out for those!!!

- xoxo, francesca

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