Hello you beautiful,
so I've seen many girls paying so much attention to their face that they sometimes neglect taking care of skin on the rest of body. I used to make this mistake too. But actually skin on our hands and feet is also likely to be damaged same as our face. We think that only our face should be perfect but that's not enough , I have caught myself attracted towards beautiful hands some girls have.
Here are some steps you can easily incorporate in your routine to get beautiful skin allover.


Cleansing of body is equally important as cleansing our face. we should invest in good quality of body cleansers, shower gel, or soaps.

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  • take your time in shower.
  • give your body some love.


Dead skin layers are not only on our face but body too. you can exfoliate your body by using a physical exfoliator or a loofah or brush will work too. I use the DIY coffee and coconut oil scrub, it does wonders , I use the same scrub to exfoliate my face too and trust me girls its the 'the best' scrub for your face and body .
You don't need to do this step daily. once in a week is good.

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  • coffee scrub helps reduce cellulite.


Okay so no one can tell how much moisturizing is important for beautiful skin ,better than me. Because I am someone who always neglected moisturizing , I would never moisturize except for twice or thrice in winters.
Girls , moisturizing is so so important , its inevitable for beautiful skin. We all need to have a moisturizer for the body and apply it twice morning and night , if twice is not possible then once but you cant skip this.
Another mistake we all make is we think moisturizing the body is for colder seasons only, which is not true , if u want beautiful skin this step has to be in your everyday routine.

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  • buy a good quality hand and nail cream which is easy to carry with you, so you can use it frequently throughout the day.
  • after you moisturize wear a pair of cotton socks on your feet for about an hour for super soft skin.

Hair removing

The removal of hair from body was started in early 90's in order to get even smoother skin .
okay I know that you all know about shaving and removing hair for beautiful skin but what I wanna talk about is the proper way to do it so you can get even better skin.


  • always use good quality razor and blades.
  • change your razor regularly.
  • use good quality shaving gel or you can use baby oil or coconut oil.
  • DON'T use soap for shaving.
  • keep your razor/blades at clean and dry place.
  • moisturize afterwards.
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For relaxing your feet and hands you can do a hot water soak once in fifteen days or month. It relaxes your feet , makes the skin soft so the dead skin is removed easily afterwards.
soak your feet or hands in hot water/warm water with some sea salt in it for 15 to 20 minutes or until the water comes to room temperature .
You can go for a pedicure every 15 days, if convenient.

  • use a pumice stone to remove the rough skin from the feet, knees and elbows.
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Okay so this is it, there are so many other things we can do like masks, manicure or a pedicure , But here I wanted to include only those steps which one could easily add to the routine.

Bye for now :)
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