Trend 1:
Make-up took 2017 by storm as contouring entered almost every girls everyday or night make-up routine. However, all the signs point to contouring being on the out and light coverage being in.
Trend 2:
Eye liner. The Cleo Patra inspired makeup look has been making appearance in many high fashion runways.
Trend 3:
Bright eye shadow. The golden goddess eye makeup look as in my opinion been the most popular look for far too long. However, it appears that bright eye shadows such as blues and purples are going to be all the rage.
Trend 4:
Blush is making it's way back into the average girls makeup routine give a more natural look.
Trend 5:
Lip gloss. Matte finishes as been the style for the past two years all long with Kylie Jenner's famously overdrawn lips. But glosses seem to be playing game as it is appear on more and more celebrities lips.