Trends are always something I love identifying and comparing to that of the past. So, this year I am going to make a list of the my 2018 trend predictions based of bloggers, runways and magazines.
As out of order as it is i am going to start with hair trends because i don't know about anyone else but I always like at the beginning of a new year to get me a fresh new look. Which has made me desperate to accessorise!!

Trend 1:
Natural colours seem to be the main obvious trends. 2017 was all about the mermaid hair but now soft blonds and light browns are making recurring appearances in social media, magazines etc.
Trend 2:
Messy natural or curly hair. 2017 was all about the slicked down straight long hair. Well now the voluminous scruffy hair seems to be popping up everywhere.
Trend 3:
Bangs. Not a personal favourite of mine but seem to be sweeping the nation.
Trend 4:
Scrunchies and hair clips are once more a trend coming out retirement from the 90s. My perfect excuse to chuck my hair in a messy bun and pretend like I tried.
Trend 5:
Ribbons. Something I am quite excited about trying out in a low ponytail