In Time - 2011

In Time is an American science fiction movie starring Justin Timberlake. The film tells us about a society where people have a clock on their forearms that counts down how long they will live. Every people stop aging at age 25 but they must have time to live after that. Time millionaires have much time but in the ghetto people have to work hard for it. They pay with time they play poker with time. This film has a serious philosophical background which says our biggest enemy is not money but time.

The Founder - 2016

If you love McDonald's you must watch this film. To begin with, this is a biography movie about the fastfood restaurant's, the McDonald's' , foundation.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 2008

I'm sure you all have heard about this movie but I have to write about it. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button based on time as well. Our protagonist was born when he was about 80 and he age in reverse. His father take him to the local nursing home after he saw his ugly body. A kind young lady raise him up in that house where he meet Daisy, a grandchild of an old lady. An inseperable connection spring between them and this contact show over us through the movie.

Race - 2016

Race is a Canadian biography about Jesse Owens, the famous African-American athlete. The movie takes place at 1936 Berlin Olympics Games.

2012 - 2009

Okay, here's my overall favourite movie ever. The movie refers to 2012 phenomenon and its events.

Loving Vincent - 2017

I think I was wrong last time. Honestly Loving Vincent is my favourite movie. In my opinion many of you have heard about this film because this is the first fully painted movie ever. More than 100 painters were working on it for more than 6 years. I think the plot is not the most interesting one because they only speak about Vincent's death but the way they do is the best I have ever seen and heard.

Song of the Sea - 2014

If you love aminated fantasy movies Song of the Sea is an amazing choice to watch. The magical story about an Irish girl, Saoirse and her brother, Ben completely charmed me. This little girl can turn into a seal and her mission is to save the world. This is the deepest animation I've ever seen.

Central Station - 1998

Central Station tells us a cheerless story of a Brazilian boy, Josue. He lose his mother in an accident after they wrote a letter to his father who live far away. His mother can't write and that's why they ask Dora, the retired teacher, to write the letter. Later Dora's and Josue's life interlock and they take part of a great adventure together.

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