I didn’t know how to start writing. I´ve been trying to do it since the articles started it but I wasn´t able to write all my ideas down. Today listening to the Beatles, R.E.M and Shakira I could do it.

First of all, today is my birthday and every year I’m losing that happiness that it used to made me feel. Every year I feel I little sadder hen the other and I want to think it´s because I´m getting older. When I was a child I really enjoyed it. I did love my birthday!! I was in love with the idea of people congratulating me and being surrounded by my family and friends celebrating. But that´s the past.
I’m turning 20 which should be amazing but it feels nothing like that. I was expecting many things but none of them happened. And maybe this can sound selfish but no one has congratulated me and it makes think if people changes over time or they were always like that.

I don’t if this happens to everybody or just me, I don’t know if it´s because we are growing up and it´s part of that. I don’t know if growing up means that all the expectations that we used to have disappeared. I want to figure it out.

What I wanna figure it out is who I am. I wanna get to know me, that´s why I started writing. People say that writing is helpful so let’s start it.
In this journey I just started I hope I can get to know me and also to all of you.

I know this article it’s a bit long but it’s because it’s the first. Promise they´ll be more interesting.

(NOTE: Sorry for my English I’m from Mexico and for all the people who also birthday happy birthday!!!)