Hey cuties! So last time I wrote an article on self accomplishment, I focused on the area of responsibility, and I promised to come back with another factor, so here I am. Today I want to talk about confidence.
Confidence in yourself is k e y to self accomplishment.
That doesn't mean it's easy to gain, there are so many stereotypes nowadays, growing up we face a wave of things we want in ourselves, long legs, blonde hair, perfect everything.
And yet many of the images portrayed on the media are edited, the models are wearing heavy makeup, among other things that make them look 'perfect'. that doesnt mean models or actresses or celebrities are fake, but what I'm saying is, we are so exposed to these that we might get to a point where we want to be like them, or we want to BE them.
Truthfully, that's impossible. You're YOU, all of us have BEAUTIFUL in us, in one way or another.
Most important, physical beauty means nothing if you aren't happy.
If you are happy, you will be beautiful.
So if others around you don't praise you for your uniqueness, or characteristics, then YOU do it, for YOURSELF, you want to have a sunshine of a self esteem.
But remember, always be humble.
It will take you time however, but gaining confidence in yourself is totally worth it for now and in the long run.

Have a nice day cuties, I hope you enjoyed my article thanks byee💕

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