We all want to have a perfect life. Just like other people on social media. You know, getting up all fabulous, eating yogurt with fruits, going to Starbucks, meeting friends, going on adventures. Every. Single. Day.

But life doesn't work like that in most part, sweetheart. A part of it might be dark.

Living is facing our fears, making risks, being inspired by little things and spreading kindness.

I think it's important to stop making excuses for our mistakes and just keep working on being better people.

I just want to say that no matter what is happening now we should stop waiting for the right time to change our lives for better. The right time is now.

♥ Internet idols.

I think that we spend so much time on the internet, its good to have some idols who bring joy to our life. They have a huge impact on our existence

Im not a fan of Kylie or Kendall Jenner, Logan or Jake Paul, Musically stars and all of those types of 'internet famous'. But this is just my opinion.

My favourite person is Shane Dawson !!!! Beauty gurus are quakingggg

I love him so much that I started to behave like him haha

I just love how genuine and kind he is. I admire that he puts so much work into his videos and he's so passionate about them.

And the sense of humour is everything.

And even after years and years on Youtube he is still trying to make his content even better and better And he is getting more sponsorships which is fantastic.

He is helping young people thats just great.
He works with Garrett and Bobby.

He had a hard time in the past with his father and his appearance and Im just so proud of him

Role model and inspiration.
But we cannot forget about Ryland and Drew who are just awesome human beings ! Queeens + Cheeto and Uno !

So If you dont know the story of his you should check out his channel ! Just proves that you can get out of that trash but also me I told you that maybe Im watching him too much haha

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Oh and Trish. Some videos might seem inappropriate but she is a wonderful and a precious friend ♥

♥ Self-care

A lot of people don't like the way they look. Girl, let me tell you somethin. you're not ugly and don't let anyone call you like that, cause...is you blind ?

But you will find so much peace when you incorporate to your life some nice skin-care routine.

-----> Hair
a) Use some hair masks and conditioners !

conditioner, hair, and cool image body, cosmetics, and organic shop image

b) Try out new hairstyles !

Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and style image

-----> Face
a) Make your skin clear and use face scrubs, gels, masks and moisturizers !

Image by carmel skin, tips, and blackgirls image eos, baby lips, and makeup image Image by carmel

-----> Body
a) Remember to use lotions and scrubs !

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-----> Nails
a) Make your nails neat and paint them with some clear anti-bite nail polish !

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I can't stand long ass nails by the way

♥ Finding your style

Clean your closet and go shopping for clothes and try to create some awesome outfits. Pretty sure having some nicely prepared clothes will make you less anxious. And Im not talking about Ralph Lauren shopping. Nobody got time for that yes I meant money girllll

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♥ Accessories

I don't know but its so special to wear a little necklace or a ring. They just add so much charm

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♥ Exercise

I know we hate that one lol but I actually love sports.

-----> Running
This is honestly so awesome to reveal all of the emotions and just feel the power.

You can run in sports clothes or in your everyday clothes so you can recreate a dramatic scene from movies i dont know that sounds fun

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Cause nothing motivates us more than the most basic picture of nike shoes !

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-----> Walking
This defeintly will make you feel more calm and appreciate the enviroment around you

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♥ Organization

Its something hard to do especially if youre trash and mess like me.
But who likes to be stressed ? I think we should try cmon.

I think the only organization I need is the school one.

Systematicity is the key

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♥ Room cleaning

I spend so much time in my room. But when its clean I get literally a special feeling that Ive done something productive. Get rid of all the things that make you unhappy. Im addicted to you, but you know that youre toxic ?

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♥ Shopping

I love thisss. Go grocery shopping. Stationery shopping. CD shopping. And enjoy.

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♥ Visit New Places

Its obvious that its hard to get out of bed but honestly life is not waiting for you to get up. As you can tell your life runs so fast.
So go to that new restaurant. Try something new. Visit that new flower shop. Buy yourself flowers. Why ? Cause If youre going to water and care for them, theyre going to bloom. Just like you

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♥ Nature

Good to take a deep breath. I hope you know how important that breath is. Nature would like you to look at her and just learn how to have everything under control.

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♥ Books

Yeah books make us feel things. Your brain will be thankful.

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♥ Pets

If you have a pet, go ahead and show some love.

Play with them and go for another walk.
If a dog cant help you, then i dont know

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♥ Food

So...Its important to eat healthy, I really dont get it lol.

I think it would be awesome to cut on sugars and fats. We should be aware of what we are eating.

But just eat. And enjoy,. Food has gigantic impact on your health and skin. Just remember !

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♥ Do not think

-----> about the past
Its stupid. End of the story .Thank you. Im still learning how to do that though.
-----> negatively
I think about myself and I say 'ugly, talentless,stupid, idiotic, naive' haha dont do that
-----> What If ?
Cause If you never try you'll never know
But you wanna make sure that it is the right decision.
For example dont do any dumb things for a boy I feel like teenagers want to have boyfriends and stuff but gurl chill love will come itself.

♥ Passions

This is defeintly a reason to stay alive for !

Im sure we have something that we love doing : singing, playing an instrument, photography, astronomy whatever I just want to tell that Im so proud of you that you have a passion this is so precious gosh.

Even if youre too afraid to show your talents to the world build up your confidence step by step, slowly theres no need to rush. Its time to shine !

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Music is an essential. An absolute essential. You can go through anything If you believe in a power of melody and lyrics.

For today I just want to suggest few Daughter songs :

Daughter -
The woods

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