The second article/post for today!!! Super excited and with 100% of adrenaline. I enjoyed wrting the last post! so empowering! you must read it. "I feel Strong."
For this article I'm going to talk about some things that I always think "what if..." about.

  • You may know this if you read constantly my articles, I recently gratuated high school and... I'm not sure if you take admission exams for universities or college in your countries, but in Perú we do take exams to apply for that university/college.. So last year I had like 2 opportunities to take those exams for differents colleges buuuut guess what?! I did no take any one! Basically, I thought that I was not ready to take such huge and valuable exams like those, but now I ask myself : What if, at least, I would have tried and took those exams? My only answer is that I wouldn't be here, I would be studying really hard to get good grades and pass all the courses. On the other hand, it not a regreat at all because I still think I was not ready for those exams, I was in public school and here in Perú the education is nooot the best. I was not prepared.
  • This is about confidence, maybe?. I usually ask myself "what if I would have been more confident to use my pair of glasses at school, in math clases or all the classes, to really read the board and understand the class? I did not use my glasses at school because I was embarrassed, I guess. But now I regret it so much! The only reason I was not ocncentrated at school is because I couldn't see the board, because of the teacher's calligraphy or because I was too far. Any way, I suffered a lot in math and science classes. I thought I was the problem, I thought that I was the one who couldn't get the class. In part it was my fault but I was not the problem, the problem was that I did not use my glasses. Now I feel not ready to take those exams mentioned.

Well guys! I think this is all for today! now I hope I do not forget to post the next article!! I'm tired again, so this'll be short.
Little update: Tomorrow I have my second makeup class!! I may include some pics for tomorrow, but no promises hehe.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli