Beauty is such a general word. It is mostly used to describe a persons physical appearance, however beauty isn't just something you can see. Beauty is the feeling you get when you are with your loved ones, it is everything you do for others and everything others do for you, it is a pure heart and mindset.

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Do whatever it is that makes you happy, because if you are happy people around you will sense the positive energy, which is seen as beauty. They will start to feel comfortable around you and you will be able to connect with people that share the same thoughts, so just be yourself and enjoy all the little things.

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You are surrounded by beauty, you just have to open your eyes. It can be a place like the little cafe around the corner or the quiet library, where all the old books practically call for you. It can be things that make you smile like flowers, which you see grow day by day or how the sun disappearce behind the ocean. It can be stuff that inspires you like the song, that always speaks to your soul or an artpiece in wich you can see whatever you like.

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Just don't forget that every single human being is beautiful in their own way outside as well as inside. Everyone looks and thinks differently, but don't you see the beauty in that. EVERYONE IS UNIQUE. Nobody should be judged based on their physical features. A lot of teenagers suffer under physical and mental illness, just because society's beauty standards don't consider them as beautiful. Nowadays people start thinking that everyone has to look like models on magazines covers, which is totally absurd considering the fact that most of these women/men are photoshopped. People have to see that these beauty standards are impossible to achieve and unhealthy. Everyone has something they don't like about themselves, however one day somebody will love you exactly for these unique and exclusive qualities and features. Also if everyone would fit into society's beauty standards, we would look the same and nobody would really be beautiful. SO embrace your big nose, flabby arms, unformed lips, small eyes, yellow teeth, the strechmarks on your thighs etc, cuz we all have them and we all love them. These features are beautfiul, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.