*Warning! Spoiler for those who haven't finished!*

So I just finished the new show, End of the F**cking world and it is definitely interesting to watch. It is full of humor and adventure for those who like these genres.

Comparing it to other couple T.V shows, it stands out then other "stereotyped" couples. They are the more rebellious then cliche. This makes you more interested into the show.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Stealing Cars
I just find every time when James and Alyssa stole cars, its just really funny to watch them do it. It's really cute and certainly an adventure everyone enjoys watching.

james, teotfw, and Alyssa image

Dance Moves
Its super cute when these two just get super drunk and just dancing. Each of these scenes I loved and could definitely watch again.

Alyssa, gif, and james image

Breaking laws
After the big traumatic event, other crimes were just as easy but not as compared to the murder. Stealing, breaking and entering, robbing were just a walk in the park.

Abusive image

What I really loved about James was how he shifted into a very shy person to outgoing and not afraid of anything. He protected Alyssa till the very end

james, Alyssa, and teotfw image

This girl was definitely not afraid to speak her mind. She went here she want, when she wanted. She is very courageous to go out on her own and had some crazy adventures.

series, Alyssa, and netflix image

The chemistry between these two. I always love watching a show that shows a cute couple growing along throughout the episodes. Also I really liked Alyssa's dad and Frodo, like how could you not?

Alyssa, frodo, and teotfw image james and netflix image

The end of the show.. JAMES dies?!?! Like no way, I was so sad! But there is rumor there is another season coming out?

Thanks for reading :)
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