Hello, sweetheart! Laura here. How's everything going?

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So, today I'm writting this article under the name:

Dear B.F.F. (From Best Friend Forever to Big Fake Friend)

so yeah today positivity will be kind of M.I.A.

Dear B.F.F.,

I'm writting this letter in a quite cold night.

Maybe as cold as the first night we went out to party.

It's impressive how things ended up. But it's even more impressive how they started.

We were so young, I didn't even finish high school but you were at college so this mix seemed fun to the both of us.

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I was down at the time. I had so many toxic people around me. And you helped me.

You said you wanted to help me because you had just had the same experience.

Oh, the irony! You ended up being the most toxic person I had around at the end of our friendship.

In case I still can call it relationship.

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You know, I (love to) think we were real friends once. You were a real friend to me. I felt I can relay on you everyday. You gave me evidence.

So, why?

Why did you become like the boy I left after many advises from you? Why did you think I was nothing but a puppet?

That night. Our last night, was quite cold, too.

You were angry with me, because I went abroad, because I pursuited my dreams, because I was going out with the people I like.

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You felt your relationship with your boyfriend was not important to me. When you just pushed me away from any boy near me.

We ended our relationship in a terrible, childish way.

Never face to face. You just prefer to block your problems on social media.

But two weeks later, I started to receive phone calls, texts messages. I didn't even have your number because I deleted it.

we shall talk

It was the only phrase in the messages.

I never answered. I was tired. I was sick of saying sorry when you turned crazy.

I was finally free.

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So, this is my answer, dear B.F.F, this is my time to tell you how I feel. How I felt those years.

I didn't have so much confidence, with myself, with my decisions. You knew that.

You first protected me from that ugly World that kept tearing me apart. As a parent would do.

I thank you for that. I thank you for being there those bad years of my life. And I thank you for giving me some strenght to move on.

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But then, everything changes. I really don't know what happened exactly. I don't know if the problem was I started my plans on going in another country, or this boy I met, or this new friends I made.

You said I changed. And that's true. Of course. I'm not afraid of the World anymore. I lived by myself. I got a job. I had new hobbies.

I'm a better version of myself.

You just didn't seem to like that. That I didn't depend so much on you.

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You always refused my invitations to come over when I was with other people. And even lied to me when you were meeting other people.

You even blamed me for terrible things. You pushed my school friends away from me saying that was my fault because I really didn't like them and you knew it.

You ruined my reputation in front of your new classmates. Saying I left my friends, family and country, for a foreign boy.

I'm sorry my life and yours don't walk the same path anymore.

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But I know , when I woke up the morning after our break up, I felt free.

No more drama, no more lies, no more insults. I finally had my voice and I didn't use yours.

Please enjoy this reading. As this is the very last time I'm throwing away with you.

Hope life opens your eyes someday, and you get the chance to be grateful for the funny and true times we had together.

Take care,

Your ex-B.F.F.

Oh, boy that was intense.

I felt so many emotions at the same time while writting it.

Always remember to be honest and grateful, sweeties.

Love you all so much.

Lots of love,