HELLO MY LOVES! How is your life going? hope you're enjoying your time here on earth!. Guys i wanna thank you for taking your time to read my articles, leaving hearts and reactions in them, i really appreciate it!. Please feel free to send messages whenever you need advice, want a friend or just want to share an idea! i'm always here for you 😄. Also want to remind you that there's a divine being that is SOOO happy that you're alive, srsly God loves you sooo much and he wants you to know that✨

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✨OKAY MY LOOOVES LET'S START WITH TODAY'S TOPIC OKAAY??Okay girl, just shut up and start please! 😂

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How you should be loved?

You don't need someone who calls you "hot", someone who calls you "pretty" because, you know what? you can do that yourself!. I know it's awesome to have someone pointing how cute we are but that's not the only important thing.

You deserve someone who is totally intersted in how your day is going. You deserve someone that choose your eyes instead of the whole galaxy because for that person, he/she finds the most beautiful stars when he/she look into your eyes. You deserve someone who hug you so tight that both feel save, both feel cured, both feel heal, both feel love and strenght. You deserve someone that sing songs to your ears even if he/she can't sing just because you make them feel dreamy.

You deserve someone that feel everything without a touch from you, someone that not only want to take you to bed to have sex, but someone that want to wrap you into his/her arms and sleep together. Someone that could listen to your thoughts, ideas (even the most ridiculous ones) and be amazed. Someone that feel lucky to have you,
someone whose knees tremble at the sight of you, someone who love to hear the sound of your voice calling his/her name.

Someone who touch your soul and mind. Someone who, when in intimacy, touch your soul. Someone who want to see you naked to connect deeply with you, not only a carnal thing but something deeper, something that you both could never forget.

You deserve to be loved deeply, really deeply, with no fears nor regrets more than loosing each other. You deserve someone that only have eyes for you, someone that can see you like the most wonderful creation, someone that can keep you, someone that see you in their future, holding hands, in a rocking chair, already elderly, seeing each other in the eyes with so much love, being proud and happy for the life you both created. You deserve to be kissed with so much tender, passion, love.

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You deserve someone that fight for you, that wouldn't leave you even if they could. Someone that even if you fight, even if you break up, they will be there. Someone that above all mistakes will love you with their entire forces. Someone that is there to hold you if you fall.

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You should have a partner in crime, a person whos love is infinite, someone that it's happy just to think your name, to hear your name...someone that wouldn't leave, wouldn't cheat, and even if they ever did they would be ashamed, totally sad, broken because of it.

And no, it's not to much to ask for, because that's what you deserve and you shouldn't settle for less. There are so much more beautiful things but these are the ones, that by now, i can name.

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Guys, please don't rush the process, you don't need that negativity in your life. You don't need to stress over someone that won't reply your textes, it's just not worth your time, you deserve someone who cares about you!

I know how it feels! trust me, i know how it feels to be the only one that can't say how it feels to kiss or being in a relationship but, you know what? it's fine! i'm still alive! and i know that God is creating a big surprise for me, and for you too!...there's a bright person, who will love you properly, like you ever wanted and more waiting for you in a close future, so please be patient, God is working, trust the process! he might be slow but his time and the stories he creates are perfect! i'm so sure he's creating a perfect one for you!

I love you guys, hope you can value yourself enough to let go on things that hurt you (people included), stay safe and keep fighting!

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