So, this month is finally over, and how quickly it's gone! It feels like only yesterday I was lying in bed all day hung over and throwing up from New Years. So I've decided to do an update on how I am keeping with my resolutions, and some things that happened/I have learned this month.


I have kept to my reading resolution and have read three books this month. Some of them dragged over the time I set to read them in so I need to work on that a little more next month.
I have been good with saving money, and I've only spent the money that I have to spend but I haven't been great with earning money or sorting how I am going to spend it.
I cooked almost every day but I need to work on consistency with that a little bit. With baking I learned to make one thing and my goal was 4 so I really need to step up my game on that next month.
With learning spanish I wasn't particularly consistent and I didn't revise early as much as I should have, although I did still revise a small amount every day, so I am going to worm on that.
I actually think I did quite well with studying, especially by the end of the month, so I'm going to keep it up next work and continue to work hard.
I wasn't great with healthy eating so I;m going to work on that. I think it's because I lacked the motivation but also because of my love of food. I think I have to remember he fine line between good food and remember that although treats are good, they aren't so great if you have them ALL of the time.
Being more confident, again, I was better at this near the end of the month but this is still something I really need to work on.
Self love I didn't even have a chance to get onto so I need to make sure I do this next month.

Important things which happened:

Spent lots of time with family
I went through my really horrible patch with my depression
I had one brilliant day which inspired me to keep trying and to stay motivated
Had some lovely people reach out to me

Things I learned:

It's about progress not perfection
It's okay to feel down as long as you pick yourself up again
Even if it seems pitch black, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to turn the corner.