One minute I am ok and at the other one I am not. I go from being good to being aguished, from there to being sad and then to being angry because I don't understand why am I like that.

I do my best for being happy and calmed, but I go into a weird state, like exaggerated happiness, almost fake.
Euphoria, I think they call it.
When you try to cover sadness with excessive happiness without really feeling it, denying the feelings and trying to avoid them instead of accepting them.
But, how accept something that I am not?
Something I don't want to be?.

I am known for the smile on my face, being described as the one that is always happy, the one who sees the bright side of everything.
What happens when that positive person ends up immersed in sadness, stress and anxiety?
Anxiety... What a horrible feeling.
It is like a prick in the heart, that something that you don't understand how but even in the moments of genuine happiness you feel it there, in the deep, that something that doesn't stops bothering you and doesn't let you fully joy.
And, what is anxiety?
It is a discomfort, a concern for knowing the future, the what would happen?.
Lets put that "what would happen" aside, lets turn it into: What is happening?.
Look around you, take a look of what surrounds you and start to appreciate it. Appreciate as the air enters your nostrils, focus and feel how when you inhale it is cold and when you exhale it is warmer, move your toes, your fingers and just feel... Look how that anxiety disappears, as slowly you fall into the present.
Most of the time we worry about situations that are not happening, and that we don't know if are going to happen, we stick so much to that idea that we don't like, that thing that we don't want to happen, that it ends up affecting us in a negative way.
It's time to live the present, the here and now! Without thinking in what would happen, and without starting to speculate, with this the only thing we achieve is to hurt ourselves with our insecurities.

Enjoy the present! There is no more!
Only this moment and you must live it to full.