Hello again ;)
Where I come from it´s raining all day and I really wish the winter to end now. So to bring a little sunshine and happiness to my - and your - live, I decided to write an article about tropical room decor. Let yourself inspire and maybe you´ll be motivated to rearrange your room as soon as you´ve finished reading.

room, plants, and aesthetic image art, candle, and carpet image
what could be more tropical than plants - so there can´t be to many of ´em
green, bedroom, and room image animals, colorful, and etsy image
and if you can´t keep any plant alive - just place a picture of ´em in your room
living room, white sofa, and tropical print image blue flowers, etsy, and colorful bedding image
add some tropical printed pillows or blankets to make your room way more cozy :)
room, bedroom, and bed image girl, summer, and surf image
and what could reflect this tropical vibe more than some surf- or longboards
bedroom, bohemian, and boho image bohemian, boho, and gypsy image
keep your room natural by placing wooden furniture
travel image candles, exotic, and home image
or make it look like a explosion of art - colorful and happy - matching the sunshine outside
aesthetic, palm tree, and decor image bathroom and green image
a cute palm tree print mixed with a one-colored wall: what could be more beautiful?
light, home, and room image light, interior, and restaurant image plants, bath, and home image light, room, and balloons image
and last but not least: add some warm lights to keep the sunshine in your room even after sunset

But keep your room simple. Don´t add to much decoration. Sometimes less is more.