Hey lovely people! Since school started again, I must tell you that I will become busier. I’ll try my best to post on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. As you may or may not already have read before, I’m going travelling this weekend. So, yes, another travelling article, inspired from my personal experience, discussing what you should do if you are bored on a long plane trip!

1. Try journaling
Basically. Just writing down thoughts, will keep memories recorded down forever to remember and cherish!

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2. Organise Your Phone.
As you may not have wifi, you will have a lot of free time. So I suggest to take this time to reorganise your phone. Deleting apps you don’t use, changing your wallpapers, reorganising your home screen, are all contributing factors to make your phone seem brand new!

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3. Try colouring/drawing.
You know you have always wanted to do it...but couldn’t find time to do it:/. So, go ahead and bring a colourbook and some colour pencils on board! In fact, colouring is quite therapeutic and kills plane time.

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4. Write a letter to yourself in 5 years.
I’ve done this a few times when I was younger, and looking back, I just laugh and remember what I was like back then. With all that free time, you can write a letter including advice, quotes, memories, even photos!

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5. Take snapshots of the view.
You may see a lot of beautiful pictures of travelling on WHI, so why not take one yourself and edit it a bit, and BOOM: your personal, original plane tumblr looking photo!

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6. Play card games.
With a travel buddy, or even a stranger (but be careful lol), just play a few card games! This can include Big 2, Go Fish, Spoons, etc.

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7. Pamper Yourself.
Chill out and relax, because it will be a long trip. Bring some face masks and treat yourself. Plug in some ear phones and take a deep breath.

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8. Your last option:(.
And if all goes wrong, just sleep, who knows how long you can sleep for honestly:).

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_So that is a wrap of “What You Should Do On A Long Plane Trip”! I hope you have a great day/night and fill your year with positive memories!

Hope we meet again,
ーChloe (@ameliorates)


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