hi everyone,

i'm alice and i'm from italy. i would like to talk to you about this beautiful country from an italian's point of view, so i will write some articles where i talk about our habits, our costums, our traditions... and i will make you know how italy really is.

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this is my first articles and i don't exactly know what to write so i'm gonna talk in general.
moreover english isn't my mother tongue and i excuse myself if you will find some mistakes, but i will try to do my best!

italians love their country, they bring it in the heart and it's difficult to forget it. we are very proud of where we live, our wonders, our food, our traditions...

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we love being in contact with people from other countries, to welcome them and make them feel as home. you can be certain that, if you come in italy, you will be treated warmly.
we love spending time with family and friends, to make parties and also make noise.

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if you have never been in italy, i reccomend you to come and visit it. you won't regret it.

love, alice.