First , I'll list all the trophies for you

1. Globe:
Youre Snap was posted on a Live Story!

2. Link:
Linked your Bitmoji to Snapchat

3. Blue Circle:
Created a Story in Memories

4. White Circle:
Sent a Story from Memories

5. Minidisc:
Saved a Story to Memories

6. Eyes:
Set up My Eyes Only in Memories

7. Sunglasses Face:
Paired Spectacles

8. 1 Finger:
Send a Snap with one filter applied

9. 2 Fingers:
Send a Snap with teo filters apllied

10. Baby:
Your Snapchat score hit 10

11. Gold Star:
Your Snapchat score hit 100

12. Sparkles:
Your Snapchat score hit 1,000

13. Circled Star:
Your Snapchat score hit 10,000

14. Explosion:
Your Snapchat score hit 50,000

15. Rocket:
Your Snapchat score hit 100,000

16. Ghost:
Hey Snapperstar! Your Snapchat score hit 500,000

17. Video Tape:
Send a video Snap

18. Movie Camera:
Send 50 video Snaps

19. Video Camera:
send 500 video Snaps

20. Sun Face:
Send a Snap with the temperature filter above 100° F

21. Snowflake:
Sent a Snap with the temperature filter below freezing

22. Flashlight:
Send 10 Snaps with your front-facing flash on

23. Orge:
Send 1,000 Snaps using the front facing camera (selfies)

24. Loop Once:
Flip the camera once in one video Snap

25. Loop:
Flip the camera 5 times in one video Snap

26. Rotate:
Flit the camera 10 times in one video Snap

27. Monkey Holding Ears:
Send a video Snap without audio

28. Magnifying Glass:
Send 10 photo Snaps entirely zoomed in

29. Microscope:
Send 10 video Snaps using zoom

30. ABCD:
Send 100 SNaps with large text font

31. Panda:
Send 50 black and white Snaps

32. Moon:
Send 50 Snaps using night mode

33. Frypan:
Send a Snap between 4-5 am

34. Lollipop:
Send a Snap using 5 or more pen colors

35. Rainbow:
Send 10 Snaps using 5 or more pen colors

36. Artist Palette:
Send 50 Snaps using 5 or more pen colors

37. Email:
Verified email address in Settings

38. Telephone:
Verified phone number in Settings

39. Happy Devil:
Screenshotted a Snap

40. Sad Devil:
Screenshotted 10 Snaps

41. Red Mask:
Screenshotted 50 Snaps

42. Radio:
Submitted a Snap to a Local Story

43. Clapper Board:
Submitted 10 Snaps to a Local Story

44. Television:
Your Snap was posted on a Local Story

45. Fax Machine:
Scanned 5 Snapcodes

Now some tricks to give your Snapchat more personality!

1. change friendship emojis:
- go in settings
- than to ,,manage preferences,,
- next step ,,friendship emojis,,

2. Use pastel font:
- take a Snap
- klick on the pen
- choose a color
- hold down and pull to the left

3. Use two filters in one Snap:
- take a Snap
- wipe for a first filter
- hold down and wipe a second time

4. Make a sticker out of the face of a friend:
- take a Snap of him
- choose the scissors
- mark his face
-> the face is now a sticker and you can move it like you want to, it is also saved with the other stickers

5. Save a text message:
- hold down on the message
- a selection box appears
- klick ,,save chat,,

6. Snapchat-Map?
- do as if you were zooming out


If I come up with new tricks, I will add them immediately, but that's it for today.
Hope you enjoyed it!
By the way my name on Snapchat is ng-heart follow me if you like to.

ly guys♥

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