Write about your favorite characters from tv show

Noora in Skam (by Josefine Frida Pettersen)

For me she's very brave, she had a really tough life with his family but she's still happy. She's really living her life like she would like it to be. She's a really kind person, she would protect her friend at any coast. She's very inspiring for me, she has a quote on her wall who says "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." and it makes me think a lot.

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Simon in Shadowhunters (by Alberto Rosende)

He is a very funny guy, he always try to make some joke even tho it may not be funny. He is very kind, even when he should be a little upset to his best friend, he can't because he love her too much.

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Felicity Smoak in Arrow (by Emily Bett Rickards)

She's the geek girl in the team, the one who can have almost every information they need. But she's also the girl whose gonna try to make people talk to each other when they are upset to each other. She's also a very kind person, but at some time she can be very brave if it's for her friends, she can fight with someone, even more for the one she love.

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