Hello, welcome to one more article, today I bring you the favorites of the month of January! I hope you have a great January and thanks for the 3.3k followers! Follow me on Instagram @wtvjeni

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Maybelline and concealer image
this maybelline concealer is the best concealer I've ever used, it covers super good skin, I even stopped using it!


  • Watch Me- Jaden Smith
  • Rockstar- Post Malone
  • Mic Drop - BTS
  • Mi Gente - J Balvin
jaden smith image post malone image gif, bts, and bestofme image neymar, boys, and j balvin image


  • To the bone
lily collins, to the bone, and gif image anne sexton, courage, and lily collins image
This is a beautiful movie that has such a strong message! I think everyone should see and focus on a problem that has become more and more normal in our society.


  • Stranger Things
Image by yolba perez cassette, retro, and song image
I never found a joke in this series and never had an interest to see it until the day arrived! And I totally addicted! This is a series full of mysteries and I love this kind of thing.


  • Beautiful Disaster - Jamie Mcguire
  • Lead - Kylie Scott
  • The Mistake - Elle Kennedy
  • November, 9 - Colleen Hoover
love, book, and beautiful disaster image alcohol, bookworm, and stage dive image book, aesthetic, and reading image book, aesthetic, and grunge image


  • Sandbox
gif and sandbox image gif and sandbox image
This application is a genre of game where you can paint several drawings! I'm addicted to it!


  • Have started to exercise EVERY DAY.
  • I have learned to like healthy food and now I prefer a salad than chips.
  • I visited historical places of my country.