31st January 2018

I'm still dazed that its been a full moth since my birthday and literally I’ve had my jaw dropped to the floor the whole day. Anyways, enough about me and let’s get on with this article. Today's article is going to be on healthy habits that will change your life, I don’t know if you’ve already heard of these tips, but these habits will get you into a regular routine and make your life so much easier and better.


This one I can’t stress it enough but wake up earlier, so you can get more shit done throughout the day. It will give you a chance to take the time to be fully awake.

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I'm a bookworm, and I'm proud. But like everyone else I have other things to do that makes my reading time decrease quite a lot throughout the years, but I need to read, or I will feel like I dying as I want to escape reality, you know? No, okay it’s just me and the other bookworms. But reading helps you destress and prepare your body into a relaxing phase.

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I’ve talked about this so much that even I'm tired of hearing it but ill explain. Meditating helps you relax and mentally prepare you for the day to come and you can do it however you like.

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this one sounds tacky, I know but hear me out. Just pick a day that you are free to do anything and make that specific day the day you sort everything out. Do all the cleaning, pampering and relaxation time that will last you for the week to come.

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This one is very important as it will help you in the future and make you more prepared and organised for the future. Saving up now and learning to use your money for certain things will make sure you don’t waste your money on things you’ll use once in a blue moon.

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This saves a lot of time and makes sure you don’t end up binge eating anything unhealthy and makes sure you are full but not eating processed food.

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Water is the best thing in the world, like I know so many people say this but it’s good for you in many ways. Drink a cup of water in the morning on an empty stomach and drink at least 5 more cups throughout the day and end your day with a cup of water too. If you don’t want to drink plain water, then add fruits and make it infused.

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That’s it for my article, sorry if its repetitive but these tips will eventually turn into habits and make you more healthy and organised.

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