• White
design, home, and sheets image chocolate, drink, and food image travel, clouds, and airplane image Image removed
white sheets, vanilla ice cream, clouds, white rooms.
  • Grey
fashion, nasa, and accessories image city and new york image
grey shirts, buildings.
  • Black
black, fashion, and shoes image Temporarily removed beach, sunset, and city image book, oreo, and milk image
black shoes, black bras, the night sky, oreos.
  • Pink
Temporarily removed moon, pink, and sky image chocolate, donuts, and pink image beautiful, beauty, and girl image
strawberry milk, pink skies, donuts, flamingos.
  • Red
rose, flowers, and red image cake, food, and delicious image Image by Luz Romero red, poison, and neon image
roses, red velvet cake, london's lovely buses, red neon lights.
  • Brown
aesthetic, bag, and black image bedroom, home, and room image animal, food, and gorgeous image coffee, book, and drink image

brown hair, wood houses, chocolate, coffee.

  • Orange
sunset, beach, and sky image bracelet, orange, and pink image bath, bathroom, and water image beautiful, makeup, and style image
sunsets, orange juice, golden fish, orange eyeshadows.
  • Yellow
flowers, sunflower, and yellow image honey, yellow, and bee image Image removed life, yellow, and grunge image
sunflowers, honey, yellow sweaters, yellow things; everything that's yellow, yellow is my favorite color.
  • Green
avocado, food, and healthy image all star, grama, and grass image Inspiring Image on We Heart It eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image
avocado, grass, money, green eyes.
  • Blue
sea, beach, and ocean image blue, dark, and Relationship image blue, nails, and cup image adidas, fashion, and style image
the ocean, blue lights, blue nails, jeans.
  • Purple
candle, flowers, and lavender image purple, food, and cotton candy image purple, pastel, and aesthetic image amethyst and purple image
lavender, purple cotton candy, purple soap, amethyst.

obs.: the cover image is mine.