Hey! I want to give some inspiration with this article. Trying new things makes life more beautiful and livable. I hope you give them a try xx


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If you like complicated, gradual things, you will be obsessed with them. It makes one forget everything and feel relaxed. Howver; if you are not patient enough, it may make you crazy lol.

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This gives a perfect oppurtunity to create something. I’m very bad at painting, drawing, singing, writing, dancing, I mean, every kind of art. Then I’ve wanted to give another chance to myself with cross stitch and it really works. It’s very easy to do and all you need are fabric, needles, wooden hoop and threads.

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Swimming is my favorite activity now. I just swim on the weekends and I look forward to it all the week through. I’m not interested in working out due to the laziness, therefore, it fits me well. I don’t make so much effort but my body is getting shaped anyway!

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You all know about them. It’s a different way to create easily. You can make some of them for gifts, decoration of your room or just feeling good. There is a small collection of me about DIY things. You can take a glance at it.

That is all for now. Hope you enjoy it. If there is something wrong for, please let me know. Love you all guys xxx