if you were a shoe?

• i probably would be a fila disruptor

shoes, Fila, and white image Fila, fashion, and outfit image

if you were a moment?

• relaxing after a long stressful day

if you were a place?

• the woods on a fall day

if you were a feeling?

• relief

if you were a song?

• meet me in the hallway ~ harry styles

aesthetic, lyric, and music image ily guys image

if you were a book?

• a journal

if you were a season?

• spring

if you were a view?

• the view from a cute coffee shop

aesthetic, brown, and cafe image aesthetic, coffee, and drink image

if you were famous?

• writer or motivational speaker

if you were a kind of weather?

• the warm breeze on a summer day

if you were an accessory?

• a backpack

yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image aesthetic, fjallraven kanken, and tumblr image

if you were a clothing item?

• mom jeans

if you were a drink?

• earl grey or green tea

if you were a color?

• deep blue, light pink and bright yellow

if you were a moment of the day?

• dawn

aesthetic, sunset, and plants image yellow, aesthetic, and room image

if you were a quote?

• nobody dies a virgin. life fucks us all. ~ kurt cobain

if you were an element?

• water

if you were an activity?

• making delicious food while listening to your favourite music

if you were an emotion?

• serenity

if you were an object?

• earphones

bts, aesthetic, and kpop image aesthetics, white, and tumblr image

if you were an animal?

• a fox

if you were a body part?

• collarbones

beautiful, bones, and body image aesthetic, site model, and grunge image

if you were a date night?

• late night drives or going out to eat in your favourite restaurant

if you were a tv serie(s)?

• stranger things or teotfw

stranger things, quotes, and red image teotfw image

if you were a fictional character?

• rilakkuma

cute, aesthetic, and white image aesthetic, pale, and soft image

if you were a dessert?

• tiramisu

if you were a flower?

• sunflower

if you were a scent?

• favourite perfume or fresh washed clothes

if you were a superhero?

• green lantern

green lantern, dc comics, and hal jordan image art, batman, and DC image

if you were a school subject?

• art or biology

if you were a fabric? (silk, velvet, denim, cotton etc...)

• corduroy

if you were a flavor?

• mocha

if you were a part of nature?

• the moon

moon, sky, and night image cat, moon, and black image

if you were a word?

• réussite • french for ‘achievement’

if you were a mythical creature?

• a vampire

i hope you enjoyed reading it,

for now have a good morning, good afternoon or good night,

and try to spread love and be yourself,

love, me x