Hi guys !

Since it's the last day of January, I thought I would talk about all the stuff I discovered or really enjoyed this month.

  • Beauty

The first thing I want to talk about is an eyeshadow palette that I got for Christmas and that I absolutely LOVE. This is the Prism palette by Anastasia Bevery Hills. The shades are stunning, so is the packaging. Definitely one of my favorite palette that I've tried !

makeup and palette image

The second thing is definitely not new but I recently started using it and I love it. This is Coconut Oil. I've been wanting to get this for a while now and my mom finally buy some so I'm really happy and I've been using it a lot ! You can use Coconut Oil for tons of things but I like using it to remove my makeup and also for my eyebrows because I heard that it helps them get thicker and darker.

Last thing in this category is face masks. Who doesn't love face masks ? Nobody. This month I've tried two new face masks : the first one is the Blue clay mask from Sephora that I love and the second one is a carbon face mask from Lindsay&co, I only used this one once but I really like how it made my skin looks.

face mask, girl, and beauty image
  • Fashion

The first thing on this category are shoes, I've been loving them for two or three month now but they're Balenciaga so they're veeeery expensive and I can definitely not affort them so I bought a pair that kind of look alike from Pimkie that was waaay cheaper. So here's a picture of the Balenciaga ones.

shoes, boots, and Balenciaga image

The second thing this teddy bear jacket that I got for Missguided.com and I am in love with it !

outfit and style image

Another item that I got for Christmas and that I've been wearing everyday since then is a Daniel Wellington watch with the matching bracelet. Here's a picture of it, I think it looks so pretty !

beautiful, bracelet, and daniel image

That's it for my January favorite ! I'm pretty sure I forgot tons of things but that's ok. Hope you guys like it ! Love xx.