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The first TOP 5 Songs article in 2018 is here! Since my previous article was way longer than I expected, I'm just gonna go straight to what you're all here for.

5. Bea Miller - like that

Why you wanna see me bleed?
Why you wanna watch me fall apart?
Try to find the worst in me
But I won't follow you into the dark

I still remember watching her on TV back in The X-Factor when she was like 13 years old. I haven't heard much about her since the song "Fire N Gold" she released back in 2015. I don't know if she's just been off my radar or everyone else's, but she's definitely back now with her new EP and I must say that I'm really proud of her. This song is so catchy and the beat is on fire.๐Ÿ”ฅ

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4. blackbear - anxiety ft. FRND

Every time I smile what I'm doing fine, does it show?
'Cause I'm really freaking out, too scared of letting you go
Then my heart drowns out my thoughts, my head's about to explode
What I need is some closure

I discovered this song while I was checking out some Instagram Stories, which is not exactly where I'd expect to find a song this good. It's so catchy, I kept singing it for like a week or so. Blackbear's songs are all so chill, which I absolutely adore, but this beat is so sick, it's kinda different from his other songs, it feels like a remix, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Not at all. The only thing I don't like about it is the video. There are even lights in it, which usually make me love it in the end, but this video kind of gives me anxiety?? I don't really know, watch it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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3. Fall Out Boy - Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

If I can get my shit together
I'm gonna run away and never see any of you again
Never see any of you again
I hope the roof flies off and I get blown out into space
I always make such expensive mistakes

Their new album is finally out, I've been a fan for a few years now, so I'm really excited about it. However, I had to choose their best one and so far, this one is the one. I loved the quote

I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.

even before this song existed because if I could choose only one colour to wear, it would definitely be black. I barely wear any outfits without something black in it, so a huge thumbs up for this part of the lyrics. They've released a video for this one which is full of inside jokes and llamas, it makes me wonder who is inside those costumes, do they have different people for it or are they the same people that work 24/7 as llamas from FOB?? More mysterious than -A in Pretty Little Liars, if I'm being honest.

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2. The Strumbellas - Spirits

And I don't want a never ending life
I just want to be alive while I'm here
And I don't want to see another night
Lost inside a lonely life while I'm here

I found this song by a total accident. Another fact about me is that I love movies. (I mean, who doesn't, right?) And sometimes it takes me way too much time to decide what movie I should watch. So, whenever I'm clueless about what I'm gonna watch, I head to YouTube and I look for movie trailers. You know those Sundance movies? The trailers always look so good. I usually end up just watching a hell lot of trailers, instead of choosing one movie. This song was in the trailer for Midnight Sun, which by the way looked amazing and it definitely was put on my watchlist.
Anyways, in the trailer, it went along the lines "I've got dreams in my head and they won't go." which I thought was really cute and it sounded great, so I looked it up and it turned out that it's guns and not dreams in the actual track... I still kept looking for the version with dreams for more optimistic days, but I, unfortunately, didn't find it. However, I found a remix of the song, which sounds happier, so that's the right one for the time when you're in a good mood. The original one is the best one, though.

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1. NF feat. Ruelle - 10 Feet Down

I'm at a table of lies, but don't eat what they feed me
Yeah, seems like we're all trying to climb a ladder
It's crazy what we'll do to climb it faster
It's like we throw away the things in life that really matter
Just so that we can make it to the top, and wonder what we're even climbing after

I chose this tune as the first one because it's nothing like what I've heard before. The intro to the song was so creepy at first, the reason is that it's reversed. I was kind of sceptical about it at first and remembered the episode of The Simpsons where some people were sending messages through songs, which manipulated people, so I became paranoid for a second. I looked up the reversed version of the original one and nobody was trying to manipulate me, so I was okay with it, lmao.
The more I listened to it, the less creepy it was, it actually became brilliant in my opinion. I searched for more of NF's music and I gotta say, that he's one of the best rappers that you can find in the charts these days. I love his lyrics and all the emotions he puts in his work. For example, "How Could You Leave Us" is the living definition of emotions in a song. And another one of my favourites is "If You Want Love", you'll find the link to it in the extra songs.

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โ€ข Extra Song(s)

โ€ข Mike Shinoda - Over Again

And all I wanted was to get a little bit of closure
And every step I took I looked and wasn't any closer
'Cause sometimes when you say goodbye, yeah you say it
Over and over and over and over

The only reason this song isn't in the top 5 is that I don't want to compare it to the others. This song was recently released along with two other songs from the "Post Traumatic EP" by Mike. This EP is the first project by someone from Linkin Park since Chester's death. Over Again is about the tribute concert for Chester I wrote about in my October article. For some reason, it's my most favourite one out of the three, it's currently stuck in my head, but the rest is great as well. I'm not gonna lie, it definitely did bring tears to my eyes.

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โ€ข NF - If You Want Love

Ask me how I'm doin', I'll say, "okay"
Yeah, but ain't that what we all say?
Sometimes I think back to the old days
In the pointless conversations with the old me
If you want love, you gon' have to go through the pain
If you want love, you gon' have to learn how to change
If you want trust, you gon' have to give some away

As I promised, here is the link to my favourite song by NF, I just love the lyrics in this one so much.

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โ€ข The Bleachers - Don't Take The Money

Now we're stuck in the storm
We were born to ignore
You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it
I pray for everything we lost, buy back the secrets

This song was recommended to me by:

I almost put this one in the top 5, because I totally forgot it was recommended to me, so first of all, thank you so much! This song is absolutely perfect, I just love it, I actually have no other words for it, just perfect.

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โ€ข Axwell ฮ› Ingrosso - Dreamer

Heavy on your heart
Heavy on your mind
Wandering the streets tonight
If you're looking for a home
You are not alone
I can be your guiding light

This song was recommended to me by:

This song is one of the first tracks I heard at the beginning of 2018. I was chilling with some music TV channel on and it started playing. I immediately used Shazam, because I loved it, the lyrics especially. A few days later, I received this one in my messages, thank you!

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