Get ready to be bored, because in a typical day in my current life nothing happens, but it will change in February. I will start doing 10min of fitness every morning and I'll also gonna do traineeships (I think that's how you call it in English.)

Well most of the time I wake up at 5 A.M, then take breakfast with my mom, we talk, take care of the pets before she goes to work. After that I get 'ready', since if I don't go out I stay in pajamas all day.

I then go on my laptop to check my mails while listening to music, I do my daily lesson of English. When my sister wake up around 10-10:30 A.M, we talk and all until I send her off to work. At noon when my mom come home, we eat together, and she goes back to work.

In the afternoon, I either watch a movie, a series or a documentary, I'm in love with documentaries. At 14 P.M my sister come back from work, once again we talk, laugh and all. I take care of the pets at 16 P.M. I read lots of articles (different ones who treat the same subject). I continue the book I'm currently reading.

My mom finish work at 19 P.M we eat around an hour after, I stay with her as she watches T.V I don't like the television, so I never watch it. I go to bed around 21 P.M and drift to sleep almost two hours later. I wake up often during the night too.

That's it, I tried to describe as much as I could've since I'm bad at it. Still hope it wasn't to boring to read. Bye.