i do things that aren't really good towards others and myself.

-Im not sure how to talk to people.
-I joke about the wrong things at the wrong time.
-Im really not good with words
-i use really bad language
-i am very sarcastic
-i don't think before i say
-i don't think about others as much as i should

-i need to try and be nice
-i need to think about others
-i need to be myself and not be fake
-i need to not talk about others

talking about others not only makes others feel bad, but it makes you look bad and feel kinda mean. it makes people feel like crap and talking about others makes people see how rude you can be.

smile more. smiling makes people smile too. people will always ask whats wrong if you don't look like you are having a great time. you don't always have to have a great time. but if you are feeling down you should tell them that you feel bad, don't lie, tell them that you feel sad and if you aren't comfortable with telling them tell them you don't feel like talking about it at the moment.

-tell someone you like their hair.
- hold doors open for others it makes it easier for them.
-have a good conversation with a person
-make someone laugh
-ask someone how they are doing

~this was just some things i thought the world could use.

*this was my first lil' thing i hope you liked it.