Hello. Thats my first article, and I hope you enjoy it. I am from Germany, so maybe my english could be a bit faulty.
This article is about 3 important Messages.

1. Differents
That´s a big notion. I want to say that, we are all different. We are humans and we have errors and strenghts. I know that´s a sentence which you have read really often. And the most of the people read it and agree with it. But if you think about it, you see its more than just a sentence which should you make happy. This is a satement to be strong.
It doesn´t matter if you are in some disciplines bad. So, don`t be sad. Remember you have other talents in which you are really good.

2. Fashion
Especially in high school its a big topic. Everybody wants the latest Fashion and all the cool stuff.
I always see some young Girls with the latest clothes and accessories. They just wear this to be cool and to impress the others. They think just because everybody wears it, the clothes are cool or pretty.
Sure, Fashion should be look wonderful, but the importants thing fashion should do, is to underline you´re own Beauty. It also should makes you feel beautiful and cozy, That´s my own view about fashion.

3. Life
I think thats the importants word in the world next to love. Life is priceless, short and also unique. Be happy that you are alive. Be happy that you have such a beautyful life with persons you love. And be thankful to decide you´re own way of life.
Use this choice.
Maybe there are some downs. But don´t forget, the ups are come too.

That was my first article. I hope you liked it and you thought about some reasons.
Big Love Alice

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