Hi guys! So, this year I became a Senior...
I really don't know exactly how I feel about it! I feel nervous about everything that is in front of me, and really scared about what the future holds... But at the same time, I feel like if I work really hard, this will be the best year of my life so far!

Here is little list of some of the things i want to achieve:

1) Go to Med school!

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Well, here in Brazil, we have something called "vestibular", which is like a big test of all the things we learn in high school! And as here in Brazil med school is the most popular major, the grades to get i any college have to be really big too! So people pass years and years after they finish they're senior years, studying more and more to try to get in...
My goal here is to study REEEEEALLY hard this year, so that I can go directly from my senior year to college.

2) Get my license!

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Here in Brazil, you can only get a license after you complete 18 years ( which I'm going o complete in november... ) So, I'm really excited about getting to drive around and go wherever I want.

3) Continuing Exercising

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I do crossfit! And even though a lot of people say that it's a "men's" sport, I don't care, I just love going there and seeing how, with a lot of hard work, i've been improving in the last year, becoming each time more resistant and stronger!
Plus, I get to maintain my shape and take my mind out of all the stress in life.

4) Continue writing and reading

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I know that sometimes with all the time that school and school activities, takes from us, and already having to read lots of books for literature class, we kind of forget about reading and writing just for fun!
I'm really looking forward to read a lot of good books of my choice this year and to continue writing articles for you here in WHI.

5) Have the best prom ever

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I really want to have the best possible prom ever! Hanging with my friends and just feeling amazing in a beautiful dress, taking lots of pictures and making lots of good memories.

6) Meditate!

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I have been told lots of good things about meditation, and how it helps to develop concentration skills and patience and everything, so I really am giving a try on this one!

7) Learn to love myself each time more

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No explanation needed.

8) Have Fun!

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Even though I plan on studying a lot, I gotta remember myself that this is my last year in high school and I should make a hell of a story to remember in my future!