Hello, how are you? everything is fine with me. I hope you had a nice day. Now I want to start immediately with today's question, and yes, we are at the tenth question of the challenge, really spend time!
We can go!

10.If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would it be and why?

Well, since my favorite country is Japan, I'm sure I would go there if I could have a holiday. Although in reality, one of my biggest desires would be to travel all over the world. Why did I choose Japan? Because I'm in love with that country, I like everything about it: the culture, the places, the foods and the flavors, the people ... There are many things that attract me from that country, in fact now I'll open it ...

Cities and places

Japan is a country that has many tourist sites with parks, lakes, gardens, shrines, temples ... it's a world to visit and explore. Among the places I would like to visit in Japan there are: Tokyo, for its beauty to possess both the modern part and its historical and cultural part. Osaka, is a beautiful city both day and night, it is very active, it seems that the time there never stops. Kyoto, I think it's the most beautiful Japanese city, or at least it's my favorite. It has an innate beauty, it seems to be in an enchanted place surrounded by cherry blossoms. Hokkaido, is the top of the country, it is colder than the other places. It would be lovely to visit it in winter, under the snowflakes. Okinawa, is an island south of the country, perfect for a summer vacation.

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I state that I am an atheist, but when I stop to think of Japan, I think that its religious and spiritual part greatly enchants me. What attracts me a lot is Shintoism, with its kami, taht are divinity, natural spirits or simply spiritual presences. His temples and his shrines give a sense of peace and serenity, I think it's something fantastic!

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Japanese is a beautiful and unique language, I would love to learn to speak it well and fluently. In my free time I try to learn a few words by myself, or to compose a whole sentence ... Its writing composed of ideograms seem so elegent on a blank sheet, even in writing there is art!

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Another thing that I love is Japanese schools, they are very different from those of my country. Sometimes it seems as if the schools in Japan are not so much annoying as they are here by me ... I really like their system of organization, the fact that there are many initiatives for group work, such as sports clubs or those musical ... In my country all this is not there, and another thing that I adore are the school uniforms, I find them so cute!

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Japanese culture is really vast and full of artistic and spiritual customs that fascinate you. Among the many we have: painting, writing, sculpture, ikebana that is the art of making floral arrangements, the tea ceremony ... They are all very creative activities and they have a certain importance, I would like to go in Japan to practice at least one of these!

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Japanese music can be said to be divided into two genres: artistic music and modern music. The artistic one, it is about historical and cultural music, of the past that you can still hear at special receptions. Mostly, it is characterized by the accompaniment of musical instruments typical of the country, above all with plucked strings that have an almost strudolious sound. While we are talking about modern music, we generally mean J-pop, which are idol bands and musical groups that sing and play more modern instruments, such as guitar or keyboard. I find them both fantastic and I would like to attend them.

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Among the many sports practiced in Japan, certainly the most famous are those of martial arts such as: kendo, karate, judo and sumo. These are sports that are sometimes used only for the limbs, such as legs and arms and sometimes, weapons such as katanas or ninjaks are also used. They are very useful sports for everyday life in fact they teach self-defense techniques, never to attack. They help the mind, the body and the spirit.

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Japanese cuisine is very sophisticated and refined, extremely sensitive to seasonal changes. The cuisine is very traditional and is characterized by rice, fish and meat dishes such as sushi and sashimi. Among my favorite dishes, in addition to those already mentioned there are: ramen, dango, tempura, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and many many others. I can not really do without it!

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When I talk about clothing, I mean traditional clothes like kimono. Of this dress there are more varied depending on the occasion. The various colors are presented, often decorated with floral or abstract designs. They are all very beautiful and I would really love to wear one!

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Manga and Anime

They are one of the things I love most about this country. They are comics characterized by their own style, in my opinion they are fantastic! There are all kinds, from those suitable for a small audience to those more suited to a greater audience, from girls to boys. It would be great to collect entire volumes of manga and make marathons watching episodes and episodes of anime.

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Well, and with this we have concluded today's article. I hope you enjoyed it. We'll hear from you tomorrow.