Hi , I'm Ioana and this is my first article , hope you'll like it ❣️

They're so cozy and cute

black jeans, wavy light brown hair, and checkered vans sneakers image oversized hoodies, long wavy black hair, and orange hoodies image fashion and colors image

I don't have it, but I hope I will buy a pair soon 'cause they look so cute and aesthetic

vans, shoes, and fashion image fashion, vans, and shoes image vans, jeans, and style image vans, blue, and shoes image vans, shoes, and pink image

I just love muffins ! ❤️

chocolate, food, and muffins image bake, chocolate, and sweet image food, cupcake, and yummy image art, awsome, and beautiful image

Who woldn't like to stay hours alone or near someone (or with food) looking at sunsets?

Image by Patimat pink, sunset, and car image goals, puerto Vallarta, and sunsets image

They're just so lovely

chanel, bag, and fashion image fashion, grey, and style image fashion, bag, and YSL image coffee, gucci, and pink image


pink image pink, rose, and flowers image rose, flowers, and pink image flowers, rose, and white image


beauty, cosmetics, and lips image mac, makeup, and lipstick image beauty, cosmetics, and lipstick image

UNICORN OIL (highlight)
I really want one so bad...

unicorn, makeup, and beauty image beauty, face, and glitter image makeup, unicorn, and rainbow image

It's someone who don't like it?

food, fries, and delicious image Image by Glamorous food image

I had some, they're cute

bath, lush, and tie dye image blue, lush, and theme image pink, bath, and aesthetic image

Art is my favorite subject in highschool , and I would like to become an architect

grunge, drawing, and art image drawing, blue, and art image art and drawing image

I bought one , a female, and she give birth to seven baby hamsters ❤️ _Then , one of them died and I sold four of them to PetShop and I have two babies(they're not babies anymore) and their mother. I love them! _

animal, hamster, and cute image cute, hamster, and animal image animal, cute, and hamster image cupcake, hamster, and pastel image

So, that was my article, hope you liked it , sure I have much more thing I like but it would take me hours to write it all and sorry if I had spelling mistakes.
You can write me or send me postcards and I reply you back ,if you want

💙 Ioana 💙