Hello, bloomers! 🌻

The theme of the outfit of the day for two days ago was #DenimOnDenim, and the outfit was this one created by Madewell:

madewell and denim on denim image

The Items

The skinny jeans are high-rise and if you pay an extra $10 you can embroid 9 letters to it. It's perfect for who likes to customize their clothes.

denim, fashion, and jeans image
The hem is super cute, and ends before your ankles.

The pumps are in the color of teal, and it matches perfectly with this color of denim. It's my favorite item of the whole outfit!

fashion, shoes, and pumps image
They're made of suede, just in case you're wondering...

Next, there's the jacket in printer wash that I find pretty cute, but it's not much of a need if you already have a similar item in your wardrobe. If you don't, then go ahead!

denim, fashion, and jacket image
It's pretty, but if you're on a budget, don't do it! #StayStrong.

That's It

All the items above can be found in my Tumblr (@beccabloom). Make sure to follow me there, as it is the platform that I post first and more often currently.

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Bloomers - my beautiful fashion lovers readers ❤.