Water can be your best ally when it comes to hydrating at any time and what better than having all the best of water and fruits together? Now you can keep hydrated and with the contribution of energy and vitamins necessary for the day. Here I teach you how to make your own infusion of water with fruits, once you have put your personal touch and you will not want to buy more bottles of water.

●a large jug for water, a wooden palette and ice●
《The jug that is preferably made of glass, since other materials can change the taste of it》


•half cucumber
•half a lemon
•both sliced
•1/4 of mint leaves

Introduce the ingredients in the jar, add ice to taste and fill the jar with water to the top and stir with a wooden palette.
Put in the fridge and after an hour you can enjoy your delicious flavored water that also acts as a detoxifier and diuretic.



•add to the jar the desired amount according to the intensity of the flavor you want to achieve. Then add a few slices of lemon.
Crush the fruit a bit to spill its juice and add plenty of ice and water to the top.
Remember to remove it with a wooden palette and refrigerate it for at least one hour to catch the flavor.



add pieces of this fruit to the jar, then incorporate as many branches of mint as you want to be strong flavor. Pour plenty of ice and water to the top, stir with a wooden palette and store in the fridge.


•half cup of strawberries
•one orange sliced ​
•1/4 of basil branches

Add ice and water and Mix of strawberries, orange and basil stir with the pelta.Then store in the refrigerator.

《Avoid using the banana, since in the water it tends to decompose.》
Before serving your water never forget to stir with the wooden palette to mix the flavor well.
●If you want to add a little more flavor you can use saccharine or a little honey●